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# 1  -  We now have the design for the Harley Davidson Chopped engine guard part #49000-235 Chrome (#4900017 Gloss Black)

# 2 -   Harley Davidson FreeWheeler uses the same engine guards (including the Chopped guard) as the

Road King/StreetGlide/ElectraGlide. 

Order chaps from any one of these for the FreeWheeler

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AIRLITE Engine Guard Chaps

At AIRLITE, we’re passionate about rider safety and comfort.  We have been in the business since 1999.  We know what riding is all about.

Our Unique One-Piece Full Cover Soft Lowers are designed to enhance your riding season, allowing you to cruise earlier, later, and longer while prioritizing safety.

Stay Alert, Ride Safer

When you’re warm and dry, your awareness sharpens. Our soft lowers ensure you stay comfortable, so you can focus on the road ahead. Say goodbye to compromising safety due to rushing to your destination.


Comfort Meets Confidence

Comfortable riders make better decisions. With AIRLITE’s One-Piece Full Cover engine guard chaps, you’ll experience unparalleled comfort. Shielded from cold wind and rain, your boots and legs remain dry, allowing you to ride confidently.


Built for Durability

Our engine guard chaps are crafted from specially formulated vinyl, designed for year-round outdoor exposure. The industrial-grade heavy-duty mesh screen provides bug and rock chip protection, ensuring longevity.


Why Choose AIRLITE?


Single Unit Design: AIRLITE is the only engine guard chap on the worldwide market that comes as a single unit.

Efficient Form-Fitting Cover: No gaps mean no unwanted cold wind or wetness escaping onto the rider.

Enhanced Wind Buffeting Reduction: Enjoy a smoother ride with reduced upper body wind buffeting.

Optimized Airflow: Air is directed precisely where it belongs – into the radiator and/or cooling fins.

Year-Round Performance: Large screen openings maintain engine cooling even in temperatures below 60°F.

Bug and Rock Chip Protection: Keep your ride pristine by minimizing bugs, rock chips, and road spray.

Easy Maintenance: Say goodbye to lengthy engine cleaning after wet rides.

No Modifications Needed: Our One-Piece Full Cover Soft Lowers seamlessly integrate with your engine guard. And when not needed, simply roll them up and slide them into the included storage pouch.

Discover the difference with AIRLITE – where safety, comfort, and quality converge.


Real Customer Experiences


They fit really well and go on no problems at all. The fit is excellent. I used them a couple of weeks ago to go to Road America AMA in Wisconsin and they were excellent. I also found the pockets very handy. Great product. I've recommended them to anyone who asks about them.

Terry D.

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