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AIRLITE is the Best in Riding Protection

One of the most important concern for all riders is SAFETY.

When you are warm and dry, you are more alert to your surroundings.

Being more comfortable you are less likely to compromise your safety by being in a rush to get to your destination.

Cut down the cold wind and rain and treat yourself to dry boots and legs.

AIRLITE engine guard soft lowers will keep you enjoying your rides for years.


Real Customer Experiences


I rode to Daytona Beach for Bike Week from Oklahoma City, OK. 3300 miles total for the trip, including local miles in Florida.  One of the best products I had with me for comfort, thru hours of rain and some pretty cold weather, were my AirLite Engine Guard Chaps. At one point, after riding thru light to medium rain for over an hour, I looked down and saw the outside of my boots were still completely dry.  Awesome. I was worried about the water-tightness of my boots, but the engine guard chaps made it a non-issue. And although I got cold in the sub - 40F weather on the way back, your engine guard chaps helped my feet stayed warm.  I'm buying another HD, for my wife, a 1994 Heritage Softail, and one of the first products I'll be buying to help her make longer rides is a pair of Airlite Engine Guard Chaps.  

Ray S.

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