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During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are practicing all the recommended precautions and measures.  We continue to take online orders and produce our quality engine guards.

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AIRLITE is the Best in Riding Protection

One of the most important concern for all riders is SAFETY.

When you are warm and dry, you are more alert to your surroundings.

Being more comfortable you are less likely to compromise your safety by being in a rush to get to your destination.

Cut down the cold wind and rain and treat yourself to dry boots and legs.

AIRLITE engine guard soft lowers will keep you enjoying your rides for years.


Real Customer Experiences


I received my chaps today and installed them in short order on my 2001 Nomad, in less than two minutes. They are very good quality and don’t take anything away from the look of the bike. After test ride I am totally satisfied with the results. There is no flapping in the wind and the handling has not been affected. It is in the 40’s and they completely eliminated the wind on the feet and lower legs, it is nice to be able to feel some warmth coming off the engine at freeway speeds. I feel this should be an accessory in everyone’s saddle bags, I highly recommend this one piece design, fits like a glove. 

Dennis W.

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