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Hi Bob, got my Aiirlight Chaps today 5 minutes later and had them on and I am very pleased with both construction and ease of use! A great product and fit! Thanks, please use this if you wish as testimonial. 10 out of 10. Best of luck! Dana


 I LOVE THE CHAPS. What a difference they made.  I know I will be getting a lot of interest in your product. GOOD JOB, and Thank You for a good product and your prompt response to my questions.

Dave M.

Received the chaps...what a terrific item! It blows away every other set of chaps that I have ever seen. 

Mark F.

The chaps arrived and installed within about two minutes. The fit is perfect and the workmanship exceeded my expectations. This is the best product of its kind and really serves its purpose well. I will be recommending Airlite to all of my friends.

Jeff R.

I put the Chaps on my VTX last night.  It looks great.  Wonderful product. Thx so much.

Tammy S.

I got the chaps today, put them on with no trouble and went for a ride and no noticeable difference in handling but significant change with regards to amount of wind on my legs and a reduction in buffeting as well [plus].  Thanks 

Ron F.

You did good and I am very satisfied with your product!  This was set #3 that I have bought.   Thanks


Mike D.

I would like to say that you make a very high quality product that looks great and works even better.  It only took me about a minute to install and the fit and finish is excellent.  When I read some of the testimonials I had a hard time believing what people were saying because it sounded to good to be true,  but now that I have the chaps on the highway bar I can see what all of the people are talking about.  Thanks and keep up the good work. 

Mark V.

Just wanted to let you know that they did arrive.  Fit like a glove, great job of making them.   My son rides a Ninja 650.  When he saw the chaps on my bike he said, “ Man, that looks great on there.”  Thank you again for keeping after trying to get the pattern.  It was well worth the wait.

David J.

Got the chaps today and had them on in about 3 minutes. Fit like a charm. You do good work. As always will recommend them to anyone who asks (and a few that don't).

Miles T.

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I road to work this morning to try them out before my big road trip tomorrow. It was +6 and my legs/feet were toasty warm, what a dramatic difference! Looks like the potential of rain on the way home so they will earn their keep today alone :)

Tracey B.

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