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INDIAN SPRINGFIELD OEM GUARD #2884425-156 (chrome) / #2884425-266 (black)

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Peg Holes
FULL ROUNDED STYLE OEM #2884424-156 (chrome) / OEM #2884424-266 (black) MUSTACHE STYLE OEM GUARD #2884425-156 (chrome) / #2884425-266 (black)
Heavy Duty All Weather Vinyl
Not made from upholstery seating vinyl like many brands are
Reinforced Edge Binding
This provides a protection against tearing
Industrial Mesh Bug Screen
This mesh prevents rock chips while allowing for air flow
Fastens Quickly and Securely
No need for straps or plastic buckles that would be flapping in the wind. There are no snaps to seize or wear out
One Piece Perfect Fit
Good solid fit that eliminates wind fluttering
Vinyl Storage Pouch Included
Stores quickly and compactly into saddle bag
Comes Standard with Highway Peg Cutouts
(can be ordered closed)
Deluxe Closing Pockets Available
(6"X6" wide and 1.5" inch deep)

Real Customer Experiences


Just wanted to send you a quick note that I am very happy with my recent purchase.

I received your package on Wednesday afternoon and found them very easy to put on er your instruction.

Not only does it give the bike a nice new look, I am VERY HAPPY with your product for two reasons.  I went for a drive that night (cool and clear) found two major benefits.

1) First is the additional heat from the motor and reduction of wind across the legs made the ride very comfortable.  This was to be expected.

2) Dramatic reduction of wind buffeting around my head, which I originally had with just the windshield and deflectors. It made for a very comfortable ride on the highway compared to previous trips without the chaps.

I have told everyone I know that this was the best money invested in the bike from a comfort standpoint. If you ride in any kind of weather, this product just makes sense. Several guys were also interested in the product so hope that relates to more sales for you in the Toronto region.

Steve (Kawasaki Nomad)

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