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INDIAN SPRINGFIELD OEM GUARD #2884425-156 (chrome) / #2884425-266 (black)

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Peg Holes
FULL ROUNDED STYLE OEM #2884424-156 (chrome) / OEM #2884424-266 (black) MUSTACHE STYLE OEM GUARD #2884425-156 (chrome) / #2884425-266 (black)
Heavy Duty All Weather Vinyl
Not made from upholstery seating vinyl like many brands are
Reinforced Edge Binding
This provides a protection against tearing
Industrial Mesh Bug Screen
This mesh prevents rock chips while allowing for air flow
Fastens Quickly and Securely
No need for straps or plastic buckles that would be flapping in the wind. There are no snaps to seize or wear out
One Piece Perfect Fit
Good solid fit that eliminates wind fluttering
Vinyl Storage Pouch Included
Stores quickly and compactly into saddle bag
Comes Standard with Highway Peg Cutouts
(can be ordered closed)
Deluxe Closing Pockets Available
(6"X6" wide and 1.5" inch deep)

Real Customer Experiences


Update after 3 years of use and 70000 KM. I bought your AirLites 3 years ago and they have seen 70,000 km of all kinds of roads and weather. By the end of this season, I will have over 100,000 KM on my Nomad and your (My) engine guard chaps. They have stood the test of time. Not a rip, not a tear, not even in the radiator screen. So In short, they are totally Awesome. I would buy another AirLite in a minute. But I probably won't have to because I don't think they will ever wear out. Thanks for one of the best products I have ever purchased for my Nomad.


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