Received chaps today, went right away to garage to install, took less then a minute to put on, and of course I had to take bike for a ride. I LOVE THE CHAPS. What a difference they made. You should have sent more than one business card. I know I will be getting a lot of interest in your product. GOOD JOB, and Thank You for a good product and your prompt response to my questions. Dave M.
Hey Bob, I received the chaps in the mail yesterday...took me about 2 min. to install them, they fit perfectly! Thanks for everything, will be telling my friends about this. Mike S.
Received the chaps...what a terrific item! It blows away every other set of chaps that I have ever seen. If you don't have the design patented, you should! Mark F.
Thanks for the heads up. No need to tell me how great your chaps are. I have a set on my nomad and these are going on my wife's V Star. Thanks for making a great product that works well and looks great at an exceptional value. Your customer for life. Steve M.
The chaps arrived and installed within about two minutes. The fit is perfect and the workmanship exceeded my expectations. I am really glad that I went with the pockets on both sides, it really adds very convenient additional storage. This is the best product of its kind and really serves its purpose well. I will be recommending Airlite to all of my friends.
Thanks again for your professionalism. Jeff R.
Just been and got your package. They fit real good, nice and strong too. Thanks very much for a nice product. Mark G.
I put the Chaps on my VTX last night. It looks great. Wonderful product. Thx so much. Tammy S.
I got the chaps today, put them on with no trouble and went for a ride and no noticeable difference in handling but significant change with regards to amount of wind on my legs and a reduction in buffeting as well [plus]. Thanks Ron F.
The chaps were easy to install and fit well the first time. When I rode the first time there was a marked difference in the warmth I felt in my feet and legs. In Alaska we look forward to riding as soon as the ice is off the roads. Now I can ride early with greater comfort. I am happy also with the style they add to my 2007 Street Glide. Rick W.
You did good and I am very satisfied with your product! His was set #3 that I have bought, 1st was my Kaw VN2000 LT then a set for the 900 LT which that bike sold with the chaps and she is very happy with them, and now the 1600 which is my sons bike and he is happy with them too! Thanks Mike D.
I just received the chaps today. I've installed them on my HD Road King Classic with no problems. I haven't tested them out yet but I like the concept of one piece design as well as the center mesh material to catch bugs and allow for airflow to the engines (if I want to keep the chaps on during warmer weather). Steve A.
First I would like to say that you make a very high quality product that looks great and works even better. It only took me about a minute to install and the fit and finish is excellent. When I read some of the testimonials I had a hard time believing what people were saying because it sounded to good to be true, but now that I have the chaps on the highway bar I can see what all of the people are talking about. The instructions that you sent me where bang on the money, which is another thing that is hard to come by these days. Thanks and keep up the good work. Mark V.
Just wanted to let you know that they did arrive. Fit like a glove, great job of making them. We have been having temperatures in the upper 90ís for about three weeks now but I wanted to see what they would feel like. The heat from the engine was right on my feet. This will be so great for our cold weather. I have a friend with the same bike as mine. I am already talking with him about ordering a set too. Will let you know how that progresses. My son rides a Ninja 650. When he saw the chaps on my bike he said, "Man, that looks great on there."
Thank you again for keeping after trying to get the pattern. It was well worth the wait. David J.
I have received the chaps and they look so well made! Thank you! And I appreciate the instructions for putting them on. Mel S.
Got the chaps today and had them on in about 3 minutes. Fit like a charm. You do good work. As always will recommend them to anyone who asks (and a few that don't).Miles T.
Got the chaps for my Honda Shadow Aero 750. The annoying shaking above 65 mph is gone and the bike is much smoother. It actually seems to help with top end speed not hurt like I thought. A great product.Tedd G.
Received your Airlite chaps today. Fit is great and the pockets are the perfect size. Went for a quick ride to test them out, and ended up getting caught in the rain. The chaps kept my feet warm and dry; exactly what I bought them for. Very pleased so far, thank you! Tim R.
I got my chaps this weekend. They look great on the bike, thank you very much. I'll use them more for a long touring trips than for a daily rides in California. Thanks again. Jan
My friend with the Road King and I went on a 3 day weekend trip with our wives 2 weeks ago. We got poured on Friday on the way up. Your chaps worked great at keeping the rain off from the knees down. My friend had also used his when he went to Laconia, NH earlier this summer. Light drizzle on the way out, he reported his legs and feet were "bone dry" as he puts it. I will see if I can get some good pictures for your sight over the weekend on my Nomad and I will try to get some on his Road King during the upcoming week.
Your product works great, is easy to keep in a saddle bag, and is not too "flashy" when in use. I'm not the studs and conch's type. My buddy has said to me on several occasions how much he appreciates my gift. Something he would never had thought to purchase for himself, but would no longer be without. Thanks again for a great product. Tony S.
Update after 3 years of use and 70000 KM. I bought your AirLites 3 years ago and they have seen 70,000 km of all kinds of roads and weather. By the end of this season, I will have over 100,000 KM on my Nomad and your (My) engine guard chaps. They have stood the test of time. Not a rip, not a tear, not even in the radiator screen. I hardly ever take them off unless it's sweltering hot. They stay on year round. I ride from March to December. We rode in the rain through Quebec last September to get to the Warf Rat Rally in Digby, NS. and my boots and lower legs were the only ones not soaked. One of the other guys had to dump their boots out when we got to NB. So In short, they are totally Awesome. I would buy another AirLite in a minute. But I probably won't have to because I don't think they will ever wear out. Thanks for one of the best products I have ever purchased for my Nomad. JT
I received the chaps over a week ago and just tried them on. They are great and fit perfectly. Thanks again for your great customer service and attention. I am very happy with both my chaps. Norma
After a week riding without the chaps, they're now mounted. Piece of cake and a very nice fit. The weather in the Netherlands was very windy last week (31-46mls, 5-7 Beaufort scale). Drove about 70 mls distance, 90 mls speed (yes, I've broke the speed limit, what's new), Beaufort 7, Fahrenheit +/-50 degrees at Friday, April 2nd. and absolutely perfect! Almost no negative forces whatsoever and - important - riding in jeans no sign of wind at the lower body parts. I'll recommend the chaps to anyone! Keep up the good work and again thanks. Met vriendelijk groet / Kind regards, Mark W. B.
Quick note... I installed them today and they fit great. Went for a ride and I must say they make a big difference. It is only +5C and on the highway cruising 100-120, I was very comfortable behind them. Thanks. Wayne R.
Hard to believe the difference these chaps make. I rode just under a 1000 miles last week in April in PENNSYLVANIA. Very happy. Thanks again. Walt G.
Got my chaps today. Fit and quality second to none. Install was about 2 minutes. Went for a ride in 54 degree weather and was really impressed. Wish I had purchased a long time ago. Two thumbs up Bob. Mike G.
I have had your chaps for my 04 nomad for three years, living in Washington state they have seen lots rain,cold weather and many miles. I can not say enough on how great a product you make, after three years of riding not a stitch out of place. I wipe them down and they look like the day you sent them me. Thanks for a great product I can count on to keep me warm and dry. Jeff C.
I love my chaps I purchased from you for my 07 Kaw. Vulcan. Fits like a glove. I am a cold weather rider and I have no air blowing on my legs, Love them man! Thanks Mike R.
I received your engine guard chaps quickly, installed them in less a minute, and have been using them for the past 2 days. This morning I went out at 33 degrees, and didn't even bother to wear my leather chaps-and was fine! The quality is perfect and I am very happy with them! I should also have said that I plan on getting a set for my wife's bike! If I had known what a difference they would make, I would have just ordered both sets at the same time! By the way, I got the recommendation from several friends in the Southern Cruisers Riding Club, and also the Vulcan Riders forum. Mike Y.
Received my order on Friday, installed like a dream on Saturday, took all of 2 minutes after I read the instructions, looks fantastic, took it for a ride on Sunday, what a wonderful difference, felt warm air on my legs rather then the 5 degree C it was outdoors. Thanks for a great product. Anthony van B.
The chaps work GREAT! We rode Saturday and Sunday and my legs and feet were warm as toast! I know this is crazy ... but my Sportster is very cold natured and hesitates in the cold weather until she really gets warmed up. Well, with the chaps, my Sporty seemed to run better and definitely warmed up quicker than without the chaps. Debbie B.
Received chaps today, Nov 9. They fit like a pair of Lycra shorts. This is my second set because I tore up the first ones. I really like them. We ride all year here, and a lot of the guys use engine chaps in the winter. My AirLites look the best of the bunch and do a great job of keeping me warm and comfortable while funneling air onto the engine. Thanks for an excellent product and service. Dan E.
Just a note to let you that my AirLite chaps arrived this afternoon, Thanks that was quick! I put them on my bike when I got home from work, I couldn't wait to see how they would look on my bike. I like 'em a lot BTW! I live in frosty Atlantic Canada and even though we're now into November, I actually went out on the highway tonight to try out my new AirLite chaps. It was -1 degree (29 F) out there tonight, pretty darned cold at speeds of 120 kph but I can tell that the wind on my lower legs and feet has been greatly reduced, so these things will be great in more seasonable weather. We're due for a possible Nor'Easter storm tomorrow so I thought that I'd slip in a test ride before that nasty stuff hits us. Like all of the comments posted on the internet, the quality of these engine guard chaps is very high and I'm quite pleased with my purchase and the price was very reasonable too. I can't wait to try them out next Spring. Thanks again, nice doing business with you Bob. Great product and fast, friendly service! Best Regards. Charles A.
Using your installation instructions it went on easily. Thanks for the heads up on relocating the horn. Took an 8 mile run with 53' temp. and right away I could feel the warmth on my feet. Looking forward to warmer riding this winter. Thanks, Dorsey
Received the chaps...they are awesome! Fit like a glove and work great. Thank again. Bob B.
I cannot believe the difference these chaps make. John E.
Got them on and WOW!!! What a great product!! They are so well made and look so good. I already have a friend who will be ordering with you soon. I'm very happy I did my research in finding your company and comparing to other products. I really appreciate how you handled the payment process as well. If there is any way I can promote your product to others let me know. Thanks again, Matt
They went on very easy I did not have to pull at all . They are on a 2008 V-Star 1300 Tourer. Just took a ride of 40 miles street, interstate 70-75 mph and 2 lane road . They seem to work very well. Thank you for the quick mail and great service. Ready know for the winter here in North , Alabama. Raymond P.
I just got my chaps in the mail today. I immediately put them on and adjusted the hiway pegs and I am good to go. TOP QUALITY product!! Iím glad I made the right choice. John E.
I've had your chaps on my '06 Stratoliner for over a year and more than 20,000 miles. I ride year round here in Virginia and your product is the best when the temp drops! They look great too. With a quick wipe down they still look brand new. I've had several people approach me and ask where I got them. And the best part is that they come on and off in less than a minute. Great product!!! Regards, Joe G.
Just letting you know that I received your AirLite Chaps today & they fit like a glove. I like the fact that I can have the chaps on or off in a matter of minutes, depending on weather conditions & can carry them in a saddlebag. Thank you for a great product & your fast service. Laurie K.
Hi, I put the guards on last night and they look great and fit great, the finish in the top of the guards really make them stand out from the rest, even a Police Unit. Thanks, Marshal Summitville Police Dept Ohio
Arrived yesterday. They are awesome!! Very nicely made thanks. All of my riding buddies love them. Patrick
The chaps arrived to day. It looks like a Tuxedo, alright! Can't wait to try them on. Thanks for the deal :-) Best regards. Bjorn
I used them all summer and they fit great, look great, and man do they ever work well. Thanks for making this for me for my new 1700 Vulcan. Jim N.
Received my Airlite chaps today and I thank you for excellent service and a great product. I had a set of Harley chaps, did not like the way they fastened on my bike or looked. Saw your chaps on a friends bike at Sturgis this past your card from him and ordered them. I installed them in three minutes and the fit and look is perfect! Thanks! Mike H.
Received chaps today. They are the best and I recommend them to all riders I know. Phil B.
Bob ....tried out the chaps last week....two days in the cooler damp weather....just love the warmth and dryness...All my riding buddies were impressed .....I'll try to convince them to order. I know one lad e-mailed asking about a set for his Raider with a set of Lindy bars .....didn't hear how he made out ....thanks again...Bill B.
They are really great. Both front and back fit perfectly and look awesome. Used them this weekend several times during the downpours we got in Western Washington on Sunday and Monday. Jim F.
I've had my AirLites now for about 3 seasons and I leave them on all the time. They keep the bugs off my hard bags and keep me warmer in the cold weather. I never take them off unless it's very humid. Were going to Digby NS in a couple of weeks (1700KM one way) for the Warf Rat Rally, and as it is always cooler on the east coast, I know they will serve me well. The only thing I would change is that I would get the ones with the pockets the next time. But because they are standing the test of time, 70,000 K now, I'll probably never need to get new ones. Takes a lick'n & keeps on tick'n Thanks for an awesome product. JT
The chaps fit perfectly! FYI... Thanks much. Love them. Angela
I dropped my bike going 80 KMS. The chaps stitching held up really well. I plan on getting another one. I have told many people how well they work. Thanks. Doug T.
I got my chaps last week and they fit perfectly on my VStar 1300 Tourer. Great product at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend these chaps to anyone looking for a great fitting engine guard. Two thumbs up! Marcel F.
I just got them and WOW what a difference, my legs stay nice and warm now, it fits very well and looks great! Thanks. Allison C.
I have had other brands and decided to buys yours after reading many positive things on one of the Nomad forums. The chaps arrived today and went on easily, thanks to your tips. I am not anxious for cold and wet weather to return to the Chicagoland area but am anxious to, hopefully, extend my riding season with your product. I am impressed with the quality out of the box.Mark
I received the crash bar chaps... very nice!!! Much better than what I was using, had long Velcro straps sticking to everything when trying to open them, no good places to loop them on the bike. I like the way yours goes over, nice one piece system (Velcro with no straps) sits behind the rear brake cylinder, the fit is good on the bar too! Very good quality stitching. I'll be sure to recommend them to friends. Regards, Mike C.
Just received the chaps from the bus they fit perfect and went on in about 30 secs look great and high quality. Thanks for everything. Herman D.
Just letting you know the chaps I ordered arrived on Wednesday, WOW! What a great price for chaps of this quality. The fit and look are superb! Dan F.
As of today I have not had a chance to ride with them on, but if they work as good as they look, I am happy. They are much better looking than many other chaps I have seen, they fit like they were made for my bike. Grant W.
These will be my 2nd set of AirLites. Bought a set for my Nomad about 4 - 5 years ago. Loved them and want the same protection on my VN2000. John P.
I received the chaps yesterday and installed them with little problem. It was a bit of struggle at first, but they fit well. Rode to work this morning here in MN at 35 degrees and was noticeably warmer. They look great and seem well made. Rick W.
I received the chaps on Wednesday. They fit perfectly. I rode on Saturday and I could notice the difference. Good product. Thanks, A satisfied customer. Orlando G.
Well I got home put them on and they sure look good to me. Already posted a pic of them on the 1300 forum and so far the response has been good. Take care and thank you. Mike
Had them on yesterday temp was 55 and my feet were warm as toast. I wore my regular shoe not my cold weather ones. This is what I was looking for. Greg
Got the chaps and bar back today! They are WONDERFUL, my wife is very happy they look perfect! Chris P.
I received my chaps yesterday and installed them last night. I can only say "Why didn't I do this sooner!" What a difference. Thank you. Paul N.
Just wanted to let you know the chaps arrived on Friday. I am extremely pleased with the quality, both materials, and construction. I put them on (very easy great fit) Saturday and went for a short ride, I couldn't wait to see how they performed. It was in the low 30s and I didn't have any chaps on. My legs were fine, can't wait for spring. Unfortunately we got 12-15 inches of snow today so it might be a while. Thanks. Todd
The chaps came today. I couldn't resist taking the bike out. (A little research!) They work great! Thanks for the quick service! Ed
Nice product / pure quality. They fit beautifully and they look great on my bike. Easy to put on or take off. Your material, is much thicker not like the flimsy and silly looking chaps I sent you. Airliteís construction and stitching is impressive. Pure delight, with no silly straps and a intelligence of construction that surprised even me. The large square area of material running the full width of my Suzuki, offers a much greater area of protection to the driver for both wind and rain. Screening is a solid thick netting that offers great protection for my oil cooler. My new Airlite chaps should allow me a month more of riding each year. Thank you.DJ
I got them yesterday and they took all of 2 - 3 minutes to install. I really like them. Thanks. Dan S.
Just a quick note to let you know i received the chaps Friday . I was able to put them on yesterday , and they fit like a glove. The workmanship on the chaps were beyond expectation! They are by far the best looking, best fitting and best made chaps on the market . Thank you very much for taking time and making the modifications that I requested on my chaps. I really appreciated your concern with my request! Thanks again. Bosco
The package arrived today and I was VERY pleased. They are top quality and fit like a glove. Yes, and they look good, too. THANK-YOU !!!Kevin B.
I just want to say thank you to you both for helping me keep my carcass warm these past few weeks. The weather here in Spokane, Wa. is quite chilly in the winter... minus the snow ...which we set records for in December. We're all tired of shoveling it. Bob, since your up in Canada, you really know what I mean, eh? : ) I wanted to let you both know that your products have helped in a very big way in keeping me warmer!, I think it makes the bike look better. I didn't want to invest in heated clothing. The last few days, temps have been in the low 20s, but the roads have been bare n dry. Between Sid's extended lowers on my forks and Bob's 1-piece Engine guard chaps on my Nomad, it feels like (in a sense) I have a tail wind all the time... One guy told me today that I was hardcore for riding in the low temps...but hey, what can I say ...I love to ride. I know that w/o you 2 guys, this would not have been as much fun. Again, thank you both very much for your ingenuity and design in coming up and making such great products! I have referred the both of you to many of my fellow riders on your products. I get lots of props on both of your designs! Just wanted to let you know that. Andy M.
Bob, wanted to thank you for the quick service and great product. My ankles feel safe from stones and bugs, and riding to work the other morning in 30 degree weather, the legs/feet stayed warm behind your chaps. I will be emailing you a picture of the bike with the chaps if you would like to use it on your website, feel free! Thanks again for a great product. John H.
To my total amazement, today, setting in my mailbox along with a touch of snow from our recent winter blast was a package from Airlite. Needless to say, I was total shocked and bewildered at having receiving this package within days following my initial contact with you. This sincerely reflects your superior commitment to outstanding excellence in customer support and satisfaction. I am extremely grateful to you for your understand and personal assistance. Without your support, receiving this gift in time for her upcoming celebration would truly not have been possible. I am quite certain once my experience has been shared with my birthday girl, she will be extremely grateful to you as well. Thank you for making it all happen!Michael W.
Slipped my new chaps on the bike yesterday with no problems. Just a few minutes of them laying in the "bright Florida sunshine" made them supple and easy to work with. Sorry, couldn't resist throwing that bit of a tease in there. Took it for a short ride and could definitely feel the difference on the legs and in some reduction in helmet buffeting. I'm sure I'll get some questions when I'm riding with my friends. Thanks again. Donald B.
I received the package today. Looks like factory fit. I am well pleased with the design and fit. Thank you. Mark W.
I received them today. They are even better looking than on the website. Thanks.Claude L.
Got it the mail Saturday. Fits great. Had a chance to go for a long ride yesterday and they worked great! Thanks.Tim A.
We received the chaps we ordered just in time for Christmas (they arrived on Christmas Eve). The custom work on the netting was exactly what we envisioned and makes these chaps truly 1 of a kind. or maybe it will be the first in a series. We installed them this morning and they fit perfectly, look absolutely fantastic and has made the lady in the photos a HAPPY CAMPER.Tim M.
In case I had not replied earlier, the fit has been great. They are easy to get on and off, which is great for service and cleaning. Thanks.Jim L.
Well, I was out for an hour at lunch today and even reached speeds of 87 mph. I love them!! The only thing is that they cover the horn and it's not as loud, so I'll probably have to cut a hole around the horn. Other than that, they're GREAT!! Thanks again!Yolanda
We've received it, looks great, quality stuff. Thanks a lot, we will recommend you to the local motorcycle community/forums.Elena, Alex
WOW Bob, thanks so much! Your service this time (as last) is excellent. I had an Airlite on my Vulcan 900 till a gentleman in a Lincoln Town Car decided I didn't need my bike anymore. I am looking forward to receiving your great product for my new Vulcan 2000. Just so you know (like you don't!) your product (among all the chaps I have tried and/or considered) is by far superior in all aspects. From the stitching and the heaviness of the vinyl to the construction and tightness (exactness) of fit. At first I kind of questioned the durability of the mesh screen, but after two full rainy seasons/winters in the Pacific North West and over 33km just a quick brush and some vinyl conditioner and it always looked good as new. Thanks again Bob!Thom C.
I received the chaps on Friday and put them on the bike Saturday following your instructions and everything worked out well. They went on tight but not too overly tight, probably because they were inside the warm house overnight and the bike was under the carport at 30-40 degree temps. I had a chance to ops-check them this morning, it was in the low 30's on my way to work and they performed perfectly. I am really glad I purchased them! Thanks!! Mike C
The chaps got here Sat. I put them on Sun, and they sure did keep me warmer this morning on my way to work. Temps down here are right around freezing, then factor wind-chill at 70mph, it can get pretty cold for a desert dweller. Thanks for everything. John F.C.
Thanks for the new chaps. I have been talking up the benefits of your product to whoever will listen. I will try the new ones and report back. Thanks again, Charlie R.
Just a quick note to let you know I got them. I will get them on the bike in the next couple of days and send you a pic. Canít wait to see how much they help. They really do look well made! Harold M.
Many thanks Bob! Chaps arrived Monday & everything looks great!!Gary M.
I got the chaps yesterday. Very nice product and great service. Thanks again. Alex L.
Just wanted you to know that the chaps are wonderful. I was wearing my chaps when I started out and within a half hour I was already taking layers of clothes of. Thank you very much, these chaps are going to be wonderful. Trish J.
Hi Bob. The chaps were waiting on my porch when I got home today. What a snap to put on and they look great. Thanks for a fine product and excellent communications! Kim
Received chaps yesterday. They look and fit great. Can't wait to try 'em on the road. Really appreciate your e-mail, help and fast shipping. I will definitely spread the good word around. Leon
I Received the Chap Guard last Thursday. I put it on the first time in just a few minutes and went riding, what a difference it makes on a cool evening. I LIKE IT. Thanks for a product that is just like it is described.Jimmy K.
45 degrees when we started out, 33 degrees when we got home, would have been frozen without the chaps, very happy, will recommend you to my friends. Tom T.
Got them today and did a trial fit.. They fit perfectly.. Thanks again .Curtis
The chaps arrived today and it looks like the will work well. Took all of two minutes to install and the fit great! Thanks for the quick service! Mike J.
They arrived in a very timely manner after our initial communications.  The quality of the chaps is very impressive.  They fit nicely and look real good on the bike.  Finally got time to try them out on Sunday and what a difference on the feet and lower leg!!  you can actually reach down and feel the warm air coming from the radiator.  Should be sweet on a nice COOL western NY ride!Russ R.
G'day Bob,  Just a quick note to let you know that after several rides, at the end of our winter, the chaps have been tested and are deemed to be bloody fantastic.  Have shelved them now for summer.  No bug splatter on the bike or my legs and easy to clean. Grant H.
My chaps came today and for the 1st time I got caught in the rain on the highway. They were wonderful, kept my legs dry and noticably reduced the buffetting around my head. Martin R.
Bob ......I received the AirLite Chaps yesterday,,,,,,,,,and i seen one problem already with them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
The problem is,,,,,,,why didnt i get these 2 years ago???? LOL,,,THEY ARE GREAT!!!,,FIT PERFECT!!!! I couldn't ask for a better fit & finish, you did a very super good job making these ....There is no flaws whatsoever, and like I said they fit like a glove,,easy on & easy off,,,,not too tight, and not too loose, just right, even the radiator screen is the exact cut. I will be spreading the word to my friends about them. Mike B.
I received my AirLite Chaps today. I was immediately impressed by the "as advertised" high quality of the vinyl used in your product. The storage pouch is also nicely made, and adds to the convenience of storing them. Putting them on for the first time was not very difficult at all, following your instructions. I commend you for an intelligently designed and high quality product. I might add that I was even impressed with the looks of them on my Road Glide. I have seen the HD soft lowers on other bikes, and they don't compare, even a little, to your product. My first riding impression was that the minor amount of air to the legs is indeed warm, as stated on your web site. The mesh in front of the motor is also of high quality. Another noticeable attribute was the decrease in wind noise. Although summer is almost here, I am a year round rider, and will certainly use and appreciate these chaps on cold days and chilly nights. I first learned of your product through a website, I am a member of I suggest that you consider being an advertising sponsor there!  I will certainly recommend your product to other members as well!  Again, thanks for the prompt delivery, and quality product. In today's day and age, it is refreshing to deal with a quality company who strives to make a better product! Mike B.
Received my chaps today. Just put them on and they fit like a glove. Didn't get a chance to go riding yet I'm going out Saturday to try them out. Do your self a favor; if someone wants just one pocket try and sell them on two. I wish I would have had a pocket on both sides. They don't take up as much room as I thought they would. I never seen your product on a bike before, that's my fault. If anyone asks me about my chaps I will steer them your way. As of right know I'm very happy with your product. Thanks for the time you put into them and I hope I'll have them for a long time.  If I was ever to get another bike I would make sure you have chaps to fit them before I would buy it. Keith
Thank you for your fast delivery. I've installed them on my ride and went on a trip last week in a wicked rain storm. I stayed much dryer and warmer than normal and would recommend this product to anyone with a cruiser. Thank you very much and here's to an extra month or so of riding. Kevin T.
I just wanted to let you know that I received them on Friday and my husband put them back on yesterday. They look great! And they work well too! I have gotten quite a few complements already. Thanks for doing such a great job! I am hoping I can send you some customers once they see mine. Jessi C.
Thanks I love them, my buddies are drooling, they will be ordering for sure, best fit ever, thanks again, your chaps are the best on the market! Robert
Yesterday we received the chaps! Ahhh really cool thank you for all. Robi
I received my chaps yesterday and put them on . Oh man does that make a difference. I can't tell you enough how happy I am with your product. Great job on the design. I am a spokes man for your chaps, with all good things to say about them, and your service. Paul M.
Received the chaps today. The fit and quality are A+++++++!! They went on very easily. Some people on the Kawa. website said they were a little hard to get on, I disagree.. they were a sinch to put on. Thanks for being so helpful on the phone, and sending the items so quickly. I look forward to using them hopefully this weekend. They look great on the bike!! If you need some pics for your website, by all means let me know and I can send you some. Bryce
Just thought you should know that this engine guard cover that you produce is by far the finest quality piece of mdse. I've ever seen. The materials are awesome in quality as well as fit and finish.  And incidentally, the fit over the existing engine guard leather trim covers is great. I can't wait to try the chaps on a cool day to see how they work. I do know they really look GREAT on the bike. Thanks again for the really great product and super service. Carl Z.
Just a quick note about my recent order for chaps for my 1500 Nomad, 'Ole Chug'.  I'm very impressed with the chaps.  I had my own upholstery shop for several years and have sewn several miles of welt and stitching.  I went over the chaps with the intention of finding something out of place or mistitched.  I couldn't find it.  One of the finest pieces of work I've ever seen.  Congratulations on a product very well done!  You get a A+ and my recommendation whenever I get the opportunity.  Oh yeah, they fit and work great, too.  Thanks,  Mike T.
They arrived at my post office Sat.  I am so pleased with the quality!  They were on the bike in 30 seconds and look great.  Had a 100 mile ride at 68 degrees and my feet and legs were almost to warm in my winter boots.  I am leaving today on a 250 miler outdoor temperature is 55F and I will be toastie warm with my new chaps.  Thanks a million and I have a friend who will be ordering a set after we get back from our 1000 miler plus next week. Gerald
Just to let you know I never received the first shipment of your chaps, I assume you filed a claim by now. The ones I received do fit perfectly and function just as well. The craftsmanship is superb! You have a very fine product and excellent customer service. Thank you very much. Feel free to use this message as a testimonial on your website. Bob D.
The chaps have been fantastic!! I have them removed right now since the weather has warmed up. They are very easy to install and remove, and do a great job of protecting the feet and legs in the late winter/early spring. As you know I have to travel on at least 1 mile each way on gravel roads to reach pavement. Your chaps with the screen over the radiator has kept my engine running cool and protected. When It rains, the mud spray from the front tire  plugs the screen and I can remove it and hose it off or knock it off when it dries. If not for the screen I would have plugged the radiator fins a number of times. Dan F.
I love 'um!!!  Quick and easy to put on, and boy do they stop the air!!!  In cold weather, it forces the air thru my radiator, and puts heat out on my feet!!!  If you're driving in hi winds, they're good there too!!!!   And I haven't been there yet, but if it rains, you betcha I'll put them on to keep my feet dry!!!! Cranky
Just want to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with my new AirLite engine guard chaps. Your service was great. The chaps look fantastic -really high quality materials and workmanship. The fit is excellent. I think they enhance the look of my bike. Most importantly, I really notice the difference on my cool morning rides to work. My feet stay warmer and my pant legs don't ride up. Thanks for a great product. John P
HELLO Just wanted to drop a quick line to let it be known that I received your product today and tried um out WOW they are great and Love how simple they go on and off.Just roll um up when not needed. Great investment and exactly what you said they would be. Thank you so much Mike Llanos.Ride safe! and have a great summer. Michael
I installed the chaps last night. They look great and cut down some of the head bobble I was getting from my windshield. Great product you have. I will recommend to my riding buddies.  K Mike H.
On Saturday your Chaps arrived. The Product is like you said it would be. Thanks for a great Product. H. L.
Thank you very much for your fast service.  I put those chaps on with no problems what so ever and they do really make a  difference. Thanks again for a great product.  Stephan
The chaps got here Sat.  I put them on Sun, and they sure did keep me warmer this morning on my way to work.  Temps down here are right around freezing, then factor wind-chill at 70mph, it can get pretty cold for a desert dweller. Thanks for everything.  John C.
I had an airlite on my Vulcan 900 till a gentleman in a Lincoln Town Car decided I didn't need my bike anymore. I am looking forward to receiving your great product for my new Vulcan 2000. Just so you know (like you don't!) your product (among all the chaps I have tried and/or considered) is by far superior in all aspects. From the stitching and the heaviness of the vinyl to the construction and tightness (exactness) of fit. At first I kind of questioned the durability of the mesh screen, but after two full rainy seasons/winters in the Pacific North West and over 33km just a quick brush and some vinyl conditioner and it always looked good as new. Thom C.
I installed my chaps this afternoon: prefect fit! I had to go for a ride even though it is only 10C and I was wearing mesh top running shoes. Wow! What a difference: warm feet and less wind altogether. If you have brochures and more cards, I am sure I will be able to send some business your way.   Claude L.
Well, I was out for an hour at lunch today and even reached speeds of 87 mph. OMGosh! I love them!!  They're GREAT!! Thanks again!  Yolanda
In case I had not replied earlier, the fit has been great.  They are easy to get on and off, which is great for service and cleaning.  Thanks.  Jim L.
These Airlite chaps are the real deal. I've seen the other brands and I've heard the complaints. The Airlites completely enclose my Cobra highway bars keeping my toes warm and toasty. For cold weather riding, they are an absolute must have and worth every dime.  Phil B.
I have had them on and have ridden the bike to work for the last couple of days. What a difference they make, I am no longer getting a draft up my legs and my feet stay warm as well. Thanks a lot.  Rob D.
I received the chaps a couple weeks ago, and I love em’. Slipped on in less than a minute. Look great, and I’m amazed at how well they knock the wind off of my face. I usually wear a Balaclava and a full-face helmet when it gets this cold (11 F). But with these chaps and can wear my half-helmet instead. My feet stay warm, the wind doesn’t blow my chaps around or blow cold air up my leg. This is the single best item I’ve bought for my bike. Chris K.
My husband bought me a pair of guard chaps for my 2009 Street Glide for Christmas. The quality and ease of installation is wonderful. But what it does for the ride when it is cool out side is amazing. I am so much more comfortable in chilly weather and my pants aren't flapping around. This is the best motorcycle accessory I have had. Wonderful product. Christi F.
I got the chaps yesterday. I put them on today with no trouble. They look very good. Now I need for some cold temps. to hit Florida again to test them out! Thanks. Barry